My sexy red love

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On a Saturday afternoon, I am lying in bed in a room, well ventilated with the windows and drapes. As the cool breeze flows through the room, my curiosity and anticipation is heightened as I realize the appointed time has reached. We met earlier in a chat room via the internet and agreed to meet today in my apartment.
The bedroom door opens and you walk in. You are of average height with long red curly hair reaching your breasts. Your eyes are even better in real life and I can see shyness in them when we make eye contact before you timidly look away.
You are wearing a silky red colored piece of fabric held to your body by your arms which are crossed over your breasts. The fabric does little to hide the curves on your body and my eyes rest on your hips feeling my manhood twitch as I absorb the beauty in front of me. Your skin is flawless like cream and even though you have an aura of innocence everything about you speaks of sex.


My Red Hot Redhead

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It was just another office party with my colleagues, relaxing over beers after a hectic week at work. The music was loud, conversation had ceased and I’d decided to head home. As I finished my last drink, someone sat down to me. I got up and turned around and found myself looking into a pair of pretty green eyes.

I call her Red because I don’t know her name. I’ve seen her around office, the sexiest creature I’ve ever laid eyes on. With her mane of thick long red hair, her tiny skirts, tight blouses and high heels, she is the stuff of every man’s erotic fantasies. And here she was now, looking right into my eyes.